3 Psychological Concepts That Will Change Your Perspectives About Perspectives [Free Exclusive 8 Pages Booklet]

It has been 20 posts and about 3 months since I started this blog. In the past 20 posts, I shared my ideas & my opinions about the psychological reasoning behind some of the world most popular phenomenon and topics. I also posted some of my favorite Behavioral Economics related subjects such as IKEA effects, framing effect, placebo effect, Intuitions, and many other interesting subjects.

So I think, this is the perfect time for me to celebrate this moment by giving this blog a dedication that I never made before. I decided to make an 8 pages long booklet, about one of the most popular and the most tagged subject in Behavioral Web which is about perspectives. 

This booklet will discuss my top 3 psychological concepts that will change your perspectives about your own perspectives. If I have to be honest, this booklet is one of the most well-research writing I ever made. Even though I also know that this booklet is way far from the word perfect. But I tried my best to make this booklet entertaining, yet giving you handful of insights.

To download “3 Psychological Concepts That Will Change Your Perspective About Perspectives”, you can click the booklet cover that should be next to this post (PC/laptop), or below this article (tablet/smartphone).

Thank you for all your support. If you have any critics or assessment for the booklet, please don’t hesitate to comments in the comment box below!

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