3 Psychological Phenomena That Could Negatively Influence Your Team

There is always some raging debate about teamwork vs individual work. They both have their own pros and cons. Ideally, teamwork is perfect for brainstorming, to create ideas, to share a common goal. At the other hand, teamwork can be ineffective, can provoke conflicts that can make a negative working climate. Today I gonna share with you what I think the top 3 psychological phenomena that could negatively influence your team:

  1. Social Loafing = Because the group has a common goal and objective, individual will apply less effort compared by when the individual working alone. For example, the effort of pulling a rope (alone) exceeds the effort when the individual pulling a rope together (group).
  2. Group Polarization = When people ideas are channeled in a group, their ideas will be more extreme and risky compared when their ideas are kept in their own mind. For example, after a discussion with fellow supremacist, their aggressiveness will increase rapidly and takes a more risky decision.
  3. Groupthink = The tendency for people to reach an agreement/consensus without a rational and critical examination so the group harmony will be intact. This could result in an inaccurate and careless decision making.

So that are the concepts that will make your teamwork unproductive, inefficient, and not optimal. To avoid this phenomenon, try to become more aware and more transparent to your team. So your team could reach their maximum potential.

Do you have your own experiences related to this post? Please tell us in the comment box below!


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