, A New Fresh Start [Find out what’s new]

It has been 5 months (November 2017) and 34 posts since I founded and created Behavioral Views (previously known as Behavioral Web/ This is the 35th post of behavioral views. So it thinks this is the perfect time for announcing the major rebranding and major relaunch of Behavioral Web into something fresh and way more intriguing.

This decision came, after my interest with blogging increased dramatically in October. Since then, I have been investing both money and my time to plan this major change. So now, I present you behavioral views=

Behavioral Views is a blog that offers divergent, profound, and arguable insights or reasonings about international phenomena and cases that accommodated by Psychology and Behavioral economics concepts.

Vision = Behavioral Views as the influencer for individuals and organizations to become critical, logical, and realistic with the help of Psychology and Behavioral Economics.

Mission = To promote Psychology and Behavioral economics as the important part of individuals’ and organizations’ decision-making process.

This is now becoming my new philosophy when writing posts. But not only the whole philosophy is changed, there are also many major design changes. First, let’s take a look at the difference of the home page before and after this update=



Blog Page


Home Page


As you can see, the urban and city vibe is still there. Which conveys the life of individuals and organizations that exposed to countless decision-making process, advertisings, problems, and unsolved phenomena.

If you noticed, behavioral views also had a brand new logo that is displayed in the header. If you want to know the detailed explanation and meaning of the logo, check out the About page.

So those are all the changes that I brought to behavioral views. I hope you like the new look and philosophy. But if you are new to behavioral views, I recommend you to check out the Get Started page, that will show you the link to the best post I ever upload and gives you a quick introduction to behavioral views.

Thank you for reading this update and announcement post, good luck exploring behavioral views!

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