Public Humiliation/Shaming [The story of the world worst boss]

It was Saturday night, we just after go sightseeing in York, England. We went to a Chinese restaurant. After we seat in the roundtable, in front of me, I saw an half-bold Asian man standing very straight, wearing a fitted and tucked blue shirt and put both of his palm in his hips (sign of domination). Before anything happens, this man already interests me a lot. His body language shown superiority, grandiose level of confidence, and show domination. It was the restaurant manager, and most likely also the owner.

After we eat a couple of courses, it’s time for the waitress to give us our next course. But there is something wrong, unfortunately, the waitress gave us the same dishes 2x. One of us called the waitress and help her to notice and she said sorry. After the waitress gets our wrong course, I could see clearly that the manager look heavily disappointed and put his finger symboling the word 2 and put it on both of his eyes to say “look!”. He points it out very loudly until the waitress feeling humiliated, and go back to the staff room looking down.

This is the perfect example of public humiliation/public shaming and the negative effects of it. First, public humiliation is some kind of punishment that was designed to humiliate someone publicly. So the person will not do that action again. The effect of public shaming could vary from a traumatic experience, low self-esteem, etc.

Now let’s go back to the Chinese restaurant example. When the boss humiliated waitress in public, in front of many people, the waitress should feel humiliated and embarrassed. This action and its reaction are very dangerous. If the waitress is someone without high self-esteem, she could develop anxiety. Punishment such as this should not be allowed in the workplace anymore because it could really hurt someone mentally. And it could make someone suicidal, and if this bad habit is kept doing. This could trigger discrimination and could cause a bad working climate.

As I continue to observe, the waitress now becomes sad and become work less effectively. If this man keeps treating his staff this way, soon his staff will be overwhelmed and could decide to go away.

So thank you for reading this blog post! if you have something in mind, tell us in the comment box below!


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